Corporation details - Agony Unleashed [AGONY]

Alliance: Agony Empire CEO: Kenda deLagrange
Kills: 814 HQ: Stacmon V - Impro Factory
Losses: 81 Members: 61
ISK destroyed: 148.68B Shares: 1000000
ISK lost: 2.73B Tax Rate: 0%
Efficiency: 98.20% Website:
About Agony Unleashed:
Agony is small gang PvP corp that generally bases out of Nullsec, regularly moving regions in search of good fights. While we'll happily team up for a good fight, we operate in a 'no Blues' environment, as we want to maximize the targets available. We have coverage of two main timezones: European and US prime time. Our corp values include operating with integrity and maturity, and we encourage individual initiative to step up and contribute to the corp and to EvE as a whole. If you enjoy small gang PvP without Blues and wish to do so with a laid back and mature corp, feel free to check out our page

About PvP-U:
Agony is often referred to as a “teaching corp,” though we don’t recruit to teach. Agony members volunteer to operate our well known PvP-U project, teaching the fundamentals of PvP to the general EvE populace. Our PVP-U Basic Class demonstrates how any player in a frigate can effectively contribute in PvP, and we offer more advanced classes instructing on basic destroyer and cruiser combat. We started classes in 2006, and have been quite successful, graduating over 10,000 students over the years. We are currently taking an extended break from running PVP-U while we focus on internal projects but it will be back in future.
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